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What It’s Like to Attend WA Film Day in Olympia

by on Mar.06, 2015, under Uncategorized

Keep Film in WA

We have a chance to expand our successful and responsible film incentive in Washington. Please join us to help make this happen.

The Washington legislature is considering  Senate Bill 6027– A bill to increase funding for The Motion Picture Competitiveness Program. This is a big ask for our industry. We’re literally asking the state to double-down on its investment in building a film industry here by raising the current cap on productions a little each year until 2022.

If it passes, Washington can remain a player in the location shooting business. We’ll remain small but growing. (Compare this with the massive $330 million annual incentive California just passed.) If not, we’ll have to keep turning away tens of millions of dollars in productions that would like to spend their money on Washington casts, crews, locations, and vendors and in short time the films, TV series, and commercials that have been filming in the state will go to states with incentives to offer. If you are in the business of film in Washington, this should be an important issue to you.

Our small but mighty lobbying team has set up a day for people from the state to meet with our legislators in Olympia and show them that not only is this important to us, but it’s important to A LOT of us. “WA Film Day” is March 17th.

I’ve heard from some colleagues that they want to go but find the idea of talking to their legislators somewhat intimidating. This is natural if you haven’t done it before (and a little quaint once you have because it’s super low key). So I thought I’d share my experience of the nuts and bolts of going to WA Film Day to demystify it a bit. (continue reading…)

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Movies Matter

by on Oct.06, 2014, under Uncategorized

...but why?

…but why?

I’ve spent so much time lately writing about movie matters like VOD that I haven’t written about why movies matter. Which is a shame, because they do matter—in fact, they matter more than ever.

(continue reading…)

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How Actors Can Get Clips for their Reels

by on Apr.04, 2014, under Uncategorized

On almost every film and video project I work on, actors ask me to get clips of their work for their reels. Actors are wise to constantly update their reels—or at least have the material  on hand. However, it seems like there is a lot of misunderstanding on both sides about when and how clips can be provided. So I thought it might help actors and producers to clarify this. Also, I do have a secret way to pretty much ensure you’ll get all the clips you reasonably need.

(continue reading…)

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Stay tuned

by on Jun.14, 2013, under Uncategorized

I've got some follow-up to do...

I’ve got some follow-up to do…

Hey there, faithful reader(s).  I will be back soon with some posts I’m working on.  Namely continuing both the VOD Options for Independent Films and Series article and the Open Source Short Film Business Model piece.  There’s actually quite a bit of crossover between these two because the VOD is an important piece of the puzzle for the short film biz model.  I’m planning to run a pretty extensive and transparent look at specifics of the VOD options as I put my short film strategy into place.  Then I’ll expand on what I’m doing in the short film world and I’ll be releasing more films.

But… it’s going to be a little longer that I’d planned before I can bring these out.  I’m releasing new episodes of DIVERGENCE now.  After a long-ish delay, Season 1: Episodes 7-11 are now becoming available each week.  AND we’re migrating to a new platform as we’ve joined the incredible Zombie Orpheus Entertainment Network to expand our audience.  So I’m definitely going to be talking about that as well over the next few weeks.  And of course, it’s the summer salad days for those of us in video production—which means you really only have time to scarf down a quick salad and then it’s back to work on all the projects you need to shoot.

So bear with me a minute.  I have some great stuff coming your way.

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Speaking at SIFF 2013

by on May.23, 2013, under Uncategorized



Well, it’s late May in Seattle, and that means it’s time for the Seattle International Film Festival.  And that means you can come hear me talk about filmmaking type stuff.

I’ll be speaking on two panels this year—the short film panel and a panel on web series and such.  Come on down.  It’ll be like the blog, but with that extra uncensored live-event goodness, I try to shake these panels up, so it should be a good ol’ time.  I’m bound and determined to make the Short Film panel very different from those I’ve been on before thanks to my Open Source Short Film Business Plan that I’ll be happy to discuss if anyone is interested.

Here’s the deets:

Short Filmmakers Happy Hour and Panel

Friday, May 24, 2013 4:30P-6:00P  SIFF Film Center

Come hear me talk about short films and what to do with them with filmmaker pals Lindy & Kris Boustedt and moderator Chris Hammersly.  Tall filmmakers also welcome.  Drinking optional but encouraged.


Catalyst Panels: Made for the Web

Saturday, June 1 10:30A-noon  SIFF Film Center

I’ll be chatting with Darlene Sellers (Chop Socky Boom), Matt Vancil (Journey Quest), Vanessa Driveness, and Amy Lillard, moderated by Zombie Orpheus Entertainment’s Tony Becerra.  That’s a pretty awesome representation of  Seattle’s mighty web series machine.  I’ll probably learn more than I teach.  (This is not a happy hour event, so any drinking should be done ahead of time.)

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