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A New Look at Independent Film Financing and Distribution

by on Mar.21, 2014, under Distribution

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Here’s a quick hour on why indie financing and distribution is the least broken it’s been in 5 years, and how to make the most of it.

The Seattle Office of Film + Music has a monthly speaking series. In September 2013 they asked me to talk about some of the new developments in film financing and distribution. At the time, I had been giving a lot of thought to why I had not made a new feature film in some time and whether the conditions that had made financial success in independent feature films nearly impossible for the past few years were possibly changing, and if so, what new tools and strategies might help create success today. When I mentioned this to then Director of the OF+M James Keblas and Washington Filmworks Executive Director Amy Lillard who had asked me to speak, they were very interested in the idea.

So, rather than rehash what I said, I’ve included a link to the video.

YouTube Preview Image

The folks at the Seattle Film Institute did a good job putting it together. However, I’ve had several requests to include the presentation deck from the discussion since not many of the slides made it into the video. You can download it here.

Slide Presentation for A New Look at Independent Film Financing and Distribution



Douglas Horn is a feature film writer-director and a co-founder and producer-distributor at the filmed entertainment company Popular Uprising.



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4 Comments for this entry

  • Angry Artist

    Good information. Although, viewing statistics with Vimeo and other sites still continue to have issues with viewer counts and statistics. This is still the early stages of VOD? Let some of us filmmakers and artists not forget about what is happening to our rights, sales statistics, viewer counts with Youtube. Don’t get even get me started ranting about AdSense. Also, NETFLIX, and AMAZON just to name a few sites who got their start off our indie backs and seem to continue to piss on us independent artists. Not trying to rain on our indie parade. Just observing what I feel must be taken into account as time moves on and many good films become stuck on the same drowning float.

  • Douglas

    Right. This is why I recommend that filmmakers don’t put their films on Netflix or Y-T if they want to do a VOD campaign. My experience with Y-T was very disappointing.

    Yes, I do feel we’re still in the early stages of VOD compared to where it will ultimately go. Filmmakers may be familiar with it, but audiences are just becoming so.

  • open windows en español

    Que tal amigo, me gustaria que me dijeras en que lugar puedo suscribirme para obtener las ultimas entradas de este blog, me encanta. gracias

  • Tom McComas

    Just produced 2 1/2 hour doc on Mustang’s 50th anniv. Ford-licensed. Out on DVD.
    Mustang opening

    Mustang Trailer

    Dealing with Premiere and Linda Nelson. Your explanation (launching films on VOD) very helpful. Is there an update?

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