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Tag: Distribution

Louis CK is my Yoda

by on Jun.27, 2012, under Distribution, Internet Television

Would you buy a (service charge-free) ticket from this man?

For the past several years I have dedicated ever increasing mental resources to figuring out how best to connect with an audience for Popular Uprising’s independent series in a way that allows us to keep producing these series in a reasonable amount of time, with high production values, working with (and paying!) good people and do it all without ending up living on the street.  Throughout this process, Mr. Louis CK has been blazing a new trail.  And I love him for it!

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Open Source Entertainment

by on Sep.04, 2010, under Filmmaking

Hey look a bunch of LEDs on a computer chip. Let's call that Open Source!

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about the concept of Open Source Entertainment and just what that mash-up of different worlds could be.  …if anything.

Open Source, of course, comes from the open source software movement where a bunch of people from all over the world to work together in a sort of human cloud computer of developing new software.  Linux is the granddaddy of open source software but there are now numerous applications.  OpenOffice is an open-source Microsoft Office clone.  Blender is an impressive open-source 3D modeling application.

What’s interesting to me is the thought of applying open-source principals to creating filmed entertainment.  Part of the reason I’m considering this is my upcoming action/sci-fi series Divergence.  The first season of Divergence is being produced in a manner that has a lot of similarities to open source—that is, a lot of people working together  with the goal of creating something great, rather than immediately profiting.  In that way, low-budget filmmaking and open source software development have always shared a core key idea. (continue reading…)

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