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Tag: Independent Series

VOD Options for Independent Films and Series

by on Mar.15, 2013, under Distribution


Services like Vimeo's new Vimeo On Demand will change everything for independents.  Eventually.

Services like Vimeo’s new Vimeo On Demand will change everything for independents. Eventually.

Updated: 3/25/13

Vimeo has just launched its new VOD service that offers an exciting new potential for independent filmmakers to release their works online for pay.  But how good is the deal really and where does it fit in the landscape of existing services?  Let’s take a look.

Why VOD matters

Not long ago, VOD was a little throw-away right that got included in film sales but often didn’t even get exploited, let alone bring in any money—at least where independent films were concerned.  So why the growing interest now?  Because DVDs are dead.

Because DVDs are dead.

I had to say it twice.  It’s kind of a big deal.  DVDs—essentially the entire Home Video nut that spawned the independent film movement (back in the VHS/Betamax days) and has sustained it till now, is dead.  People don’t really buy ‘em anymore.  Wait a minute, you say, You are wrong!  My cousin knows a guy who bought a DVD just a couple years ago…

Picking away at the DVD carcass.

Picking away at the DVD carcass.

Sure, a few DVDs still get sold.  For blockbuster films.  Or for very niche stuff that is more movement than entertainment.  But if you have an independent film without stars then as far as mainstream distributors are concerned, DVDs are dead.  You aren’t going to be making any money off them from distributors, but you’re welcome to make your own and sell them on your web site if you want.  …And that brings us back to VOD.

VOD will be the new DVD

When was the last time you bought a DVD, then popped it into your player and watched it?  I’m willing to bet that you’ve watched a video on your computer or mobile phone a lot more recently than that.  VOD—whether it be via iTunes, online, or your cable system—is the future of home video.  So why make DVDs of your independent film or series to sell through snail mail when you can sell a link to a downloadable file instead?  You can save the postage, fulfillment costs, inventory, and time.  And your customers can watch it right away and on whatever device they wish to.

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DIVERGENCE Season One First Look Video

by on May.30, 2012, under Internet Television, Projects

YouTube Preview Image

For all the readers out there who just can’t get enough of Douglas Horn by reading the blog, now you can watch me talk too!  DIVERGENCE is the first independent series from my company Popular Uprising.  This is a promo for Season One.

You can see more at

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DIVERGENCE Season One Trailer

by on May.22, 2012, under Projects

DIVERGENCE is the first independent series from Popular Uprising.  The trailer for Season One is here.

YouTube Preview Image

You can see more at

The action/sci-fi series DIVERGENCE follows former U.S. Army Intel officer Mark Leonard who struggles with paranoia and PTSD until he discovers that he is, in fact, being tracked by people…who can disappear into thin air. As Mark fights his way deeper into this mysterious world looking for answers, he encounters different factions attacking him or offering help—but precious few answers. Each new discovery draws Mark deeper into a mystery that seems to center on his own dark past.

DIVERGENCE stars Dan Southworth, Damion Poitier, Marta McGonagle, and Courtney Munch. The series created by Douglas Horn and Dan Southworth of POPULAR UPRISING.

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This Golden Age of Independent Series

by on May.17, 2012, under Distribution, Internet Television

The Golden Age of Internet programming has begun.

We have entered the Golden Age of Independent Series over the Internet

All media and formats have their Golden Age where artists flock to the new and—unbound by rules, standards, or precedent—create a great variety of amazing and original artworks.  The trouble with a Golden Age is that they are awfully hard to recognize when you’re in the middle of them—and even harder at the beginning.  But I’m here to tell you that the Golden Age of Independent Series over the Internet is beginning.

My bold prediction:

Within two years an independent series airing on the Internet will be generally recognized as being as good as any of the better content on broadcast television—and better than much of the network dreck.

Depending on where you see the state of independent series, this statement is either ludicrous or obvious—I doubt there’s much middle ground.  To me, it’s so plain to see that I worry that I’m pussy-footing around the issue—I should probably shorten the time period to one year and expect a half dozen independent series to be recognized in this way…on the cover of Newsweek.  However, many people are understandably stuck in a Fred/machinima/montages-of-cat-photos mindset when they hear the words “web series” or anything similar, so it’s hard for them to see past the current glut of user-generated content.

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5 Reasons Independent Series are Better for Filmmakers than Independent Feature Films

by on May.14, 2012, under Internet Television

Yeah, I said it.

I think that independent feature film has had its day and the future of visual storytelling belongs to independent series.  I’ve been saying this for a while, and I still get the blank stares from my independent filmmaker pals, so this topic is probably a good way to kick off the new focus of my blog.

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