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Tag: Internet Distribution

VOD for Independents in 2014

by on Mar.16, 2014, under Distribution

VOD keeps getting better for independents

VOD keeps getting better for independents

Updated 3/18/14 – clarifications about IndieReign. Updated 4/4/14 – clarifications about Distrify and Reelhouse.

One year ago I wrote an article about the VOD platforms that had the greatest impact for independent film and series creators. It quickly became one of my most popular articles. As I prepare to release several of my own films on VOD, I am struck by how much has changed in this area in just a year. So here is the 2014 edition of the VOD rundown.

The 2013 article covered about a dozen VOD platforms and services in a number of sectors of this space. Much of that has not changed much in a year: you still (mostly) need an aggregator service to get onto iTunes; Netflix still seems to me like a platform that will kill your hopes for any VOD sales elsewhere. Rather than rehash that article, I’ll point you to it to read for yourself. This article will focus on VOD platforms that offer direct filmmaker to audience platforms. (I plan to cover how to get your film on iTunes in another article soon.) (continue reading…)

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The Open Source Short Film Business Model

by on May.23, 2013, under Distribution, Filmmaking

You know, short films might just be viable* after all.  (*depending, of course on your definition of "viable".)

You know, short films might just be viable* after all. (*depending, of course on your definition of “viable.”)

I love short films—both making them and watching mind-blowing shorts from other filmmakers.  Pound-for-pound, short films are my favorite format.  I want to make more and see more.  Unfortunately, the real world is getting in the way.  Even though short films seem like the ideal format for today’s social-media attention spans, they just don’t get made or distributed in a way that lets them be an ongoing, viable art form.  So—even though they create a lot of entertainment value for audiences—filmmakers aren’t capturing much meaningful return from that.  As a result, filmmakers can only create new short films sporadically or as a brief stop along the way to some other career.  If we could find a way to solve this problem, then filmmakers like myself who love the art form could continue making short films that audiences would love and benefit from.  Everyone would win.

(continue reading…)

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Paid versus Piracy: An Experiment in Online Movie Distribution

by on Feb.08, 2010, under Distribution, Projects

Want to watch Full Disclosure for free? Someone's pirating it on YouTube...if you can stand the quality.

Want to watch Full Disclosure for free? Someone's pirating it on YouTube...if you can stand the quality.

I’m very interested in the future of in online distribution for independent films, so I’m trying a quick experiment. (This experiment isn’t pure science.  It has the potential benefit of clearing out a box of DVDs under my desk.  But mostly, it’s science.)

The other day I found a pirated version of Full Disclosure on YouTube.  It’s a really bad version shot with a camcorder off Italian television.  The sound is horrible, as is the image, (on the plus side, however, there are Italian subtitles!).  YouTube has a procedure for removing pirated content, but it’s arduous and I don’t have the time at the moment.  Besides, it’s the free availability of this pirated version that makes the experiment possible.  So for the moment, I’m going to leave it there.

There’s this theory going around that people pirate what they like but can’t buy when, how, or in the format they wish to.  Mostly, this theory comes from people trying to justify their illegal downloading of content, but it also comes from some really smart folks who think a lot about all things digital, like my friend Fred Chong Rutherford.  Personally, I have my doubts about this, theory, but hell, the only thing I know for sure is that I don’t know everything.  So I’m going to try an experiment. (continue reading…)

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