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Tag: Short Films

New short film project – TAPE RECORDER

by on Apr.16, 2013, under Projects

I'm making a new short film!

I’m making a new short film!

I’m very pleased to announce that I’ll be shooting a new comedic narrative short film, Tape Recorder, starring Basil Harris and Alycia Delmore in a couple weeks in the Seattle area.  This short will be quite different from any I’ve done before, but my hope is, if you like Full Disclosure or any of my other films, you’ll really enjoy Tape Recorder.

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Full Disclosure on DVD

by on Jan.23, 2010, under Projects

Judy Greer and Brent Sexton in FULL DISCLOSURE

Full Disclosure is probably my best known short.  Maybe my best known film, if you ask IMDB.  It played in a ton of festivals and won a dozen awards.  (Watch the beginning of Full Disclosure here.)

The "Full Disclosure" DVD also has "Trailer: the Movie!" and "Back Up, Please."

The short is available on a few different DVDs.  First, it’s a bonus short on the Entry Level DVD distributed by Porchlight Entertainment.  A great distribution company called Official Best of Fest distributes the short on three of its excellent short film compilations “Award Winning Films That Will Make You Laugh”“Award Winning Films About Romance” and the “Official Best of Fest Sampler”.    I’ve seen the collections and I’m a big fan.  They’re $45, which is a lot, but totally worth it.  The company is devoted to getting wonderful unknown indie flicks out there to the real world, and they’re doing a terrific job.  I highly recommend the collections.  (Needless to say, I even highlier recommend the Entry Level/Full Disclosure combo DVD. At the moment, finding it can be a problem, but it is available at NetFlix and some stores.)

Now I’m also preparing to sell Full Disclosure on a DVD from this site.  Why yet another way to buy Full Disclosure on DVD?  Well this is the same quality as the others, but the price is a lot less.  Like under nine bucks.  (Just under:  $8.95.)  But it’s currently the cheapest way to see the film in DVD quality.  The DVD is a professional glass-master DVD like any studio movie and it contains two of my other shorts as a bonus, Trailer: The Movie! and Back Up, Please.

You can see more about it on the Store Page.

Of course, Full Disclosure is also available on the iTunes Store.  To me, the DVD is a lot nicer, but the iTunes version still looks pretty good for two bucks.

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Full Disclosure on iTunes

by on Jan.23, 2010, under Projects

Judy Greer and Brent Sexton star in "Full Disclosure."

My short film Full Disclosure was on of the first short films on the iTunes Store.  When it first went on, it was actually the #1 short film on iTunes for about three weeks (Sept/Oct 2006, as I recall).  It still sells well.  Every once in a while when I’m feeling down, I check out the very kind comments about the film from total strangers at the iTunes page.  It’s pretty cool.  I checked recently and it seemed that it just missed making the top 50 short films of 2009.

This link takes you directly to Full Disclosure on iTunes.  Somebody there called it “The best possible way to spend $2.”  So that’s kind of cool.

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Maura’s War

by on Jan.23, 2010, under Projects

Maura’s War is a film I directed and edited for the Seattle International Film Festival’s “Fly Film” program. (Five filmmakers were given a writer’s script and a few days to turn it into a film which premiere at the festival.) This was supposed to go online some time ago at the SIFF site, but I’ve heard there are problem. Anyway, thought I’d post it here.

Mauras War

I got to work with a lot of great people on this. Chris Bell, who DPed Full Disclosure shot it.  Gerard Parr, who dressed Full Disclosure costume designed this as well, getting us the marine dress uniform for free.  Amy Lillard Dee produced the film and Lacey Leavitt line produced. Sandra Ahola wrote the script.

Me, Chris Bell, Gerard Parr, and Lacey Leavitt prepping a scene from Maura's War.

I also got to work with some actors I hadn’t met before but really enjoyed working with. Jan D’Arcy is the title character. I’ve stayed friends with Jan and we occassionally collborate on projects. Seattle actors Megan Hill and Tony Doupe (the Dean of Seattle actors) were fun to work with. Lathram Walker is the son. I was happy to get to bring Lathram on right after this shoot to appear in the Webcast Magic series. Even the guy who plays Lathram’s dad, John West, became a good friend. I gave John a small role in Entry Level and he nailed it.

Blocking a scene with Jan D'Arcy and Megan Hill.

Speaking of Entry Level, this little short is one that convinced me to go out and make that film. I was in the middle of a tough time then when a feature deal that was essentially done got snatched out from under me. (Fact of life, of course.) I was called up to make this short at the same time and it reminded me of how much someone can do if he doesn’t realize it’s not supposed to be possible.

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Trailer: The Movie! – the movie

by on Jan.21, 2010, under Projects

"Trailer: The Movie!" on Vimeo

I recommend that you watch full screen.

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