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Tag: VOD

Now on IndieFlix: Entry Level and DIVERGENCE: Season One

by on Apr.24, 2014, under Projects

My independent feature Entry Level is now available on IndieFlix.

My independent feature Entry Level is now available on IndieFlix.

I’m very pleased to say that my first feature film, Entry Level, is available again for the first time anywhere–and it’s on a platform that I really love, IndieFlix. Entry Level is a comedy about starting your life over and the craziness of looking for a job. It stars D.B. Sweeney, Missi Pyle, Kurtwood Smith, Cedric Yarbrough, Lisa Ann Walter, and Taylor Negron. It won Best Feature and Best Writing awards at VisionFest and played in several other film festivals. The original distributor, Porchlight Entertainment went belly up and I’m happy to be able to share this film again. You can see its ratings from the DVD version on Netflix. People say some nice things. What’s more, the film is available for the first time in 1080P HD. I hope you’ll check out Entry Level on IndieFlix. (continue reading…)

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Launching Films on VOD

by on Apr.24, 2014, under Distribution

After a lot of research, here's how I'm acteally launching my films for VOD sale.

After a lot of research, here’s how I’m acteally launching my films for VOD sale.

In my previous post on VOD for Independents 2014, I looked at how the landscape of direct VOD platforms had developed over the last year. This is an important topic to many filmmakers considering the jump to VOD sales. I have several films that I want to put in front of an audience and direct VOD seems the obvious way to go (for reasons I’ve discussed in the past few posts on the topic).

After a year of watching VOD platforms and audiences grow, I thought that this was the perfect time to get into the game and launch my best films and videos. Here I’ll share which platforms I chose and why. It was a hard decision. It’s one thing to make a table of each platform’s features and another to commit to all the work it will take to launch a film (let alone the 20+ videos that I am releasing at once, all with collateral images, synopses, etc.) (continue reading…)

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Full Disclosure and Coffee & Pie Now Available on Reelhouse VOD

by on Apr.17, 2014, under Projects

I’m excited to be launching many of my very best films on the VOD platform Reelhouse–starting with my two best-known short films Full Disclosure and Coffee & Pie. 



Very soon I’ll be writing more about the release, why I chose this platform, and how other filmmakers can do the same thing. For now, I hope you enjoy the films. More are coming including my brand new comedy short film Tape Recorder. (continue reading…)

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VOD for Independents in 2014

by on Mar.16, 2014, under Distribution

VOD keeps getting better for independents

VOD keeps getting better for independents

Updated 3/18/14 – clarifications about IndieReign. Updated 4/4/14 – clarifications about Distrify and Reelhouse.

One year ago I wrote an article about the VOD platforms that had the greatest impact for independent film and series creators. It quickly became one of my most popular articles. As I prepare to release several of my own films on VOD, I am struck by how much has changed in this area in just a year. So here is the 2014 edition of the VOD rundown.

The 2013 article covered about a dozen VOD platforms and services in a number of sectors of this space. Much of that has not changed much in a year: you still (mostly) need an aggregator service to get onto iTunes; Netflix still seems to me like a platform that will kill your hopes for any VOD sales elsewhere. Rather than rehash that article, I’ll point you to it to read for yourself. This article will focus on VOD platforms that offer direct filmmaker to audience platforms. (I plan to cover how to get your film on iTunes in another article soon.) (continue reading…)

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Is Vimeo’s $10,000 Advance for Digital Exclusives a Good Deal for Filmmakers?

by on Sep.03, 2013, under Distribution

Services like Vimeo's new Vimeo On Demand will change everything for independents.  Eventually.

Vimeo is putting its money where its mouth is and offering TIFF premieres a $10K advance.

According to stories in Variety and The Hollywood Reporter, Vimeo will offer advances of $10,000 to any of the 146 world premiere films screening in the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival in exchange for a brief exclusive period of exclusive VOD rights on their Vimeo on Demand platform.  This continues Vimeo’s push to market itself as a destination for exclusive independent film content that it began at SXSW in announcing the Vimeo on Demand service and acquiring Neil LaBute’s Some Girl(s).  Is this a good deal for independent filmmakers?

(continue reading…)

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